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Incinerators, Incinerators for General Waste, Incinerators for Medical Waste, Non IBR Boilers


Incinerators, Incinerators for General Waste, Incinerators for Medical Waste, Non IBR Boilers
Incinerators for General Waste &
Medical Waste

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  • JBC Incinerator is package type, all weather type and mounted on base frame for easy transportation.

  • Incineration is batch type and waste feeding is manual.

  • The incinerator has 2 chambers, primary chamber and secondary chamber. Both the primary and secondary chambers are provided with pressure jet burners for incineration of bio-medical waste. For general waste burner is provided only in primary chamber. The primary chamber is provided with air pressure nozzles.

  • Cyclone separator is provided and mounted on the base frame of the incinerator to ensure that no ash particles are let out of the exhaust. The quality of incineration achieved is excellent.

  • A dust proof pre-wired control panel housing all safeties, temperature controllers for primary chamber, secondary chamber and flue gas temperatures are provided. It also incorporates contactors, overload relays and MCBs for electricals.

  • Alarm hooter is provided along with audio visual alarms for abnormal working conditions. Incase of defect in the process, the incinerator comes to a stand still and the fault is indicated on the control panel.

  • Suitable protection for burner is provided. Forced draft fan is mounted on the base frame of the incinerator to provide combustion air for incineration of waste. Waste charging door and ash removal door is provided on the incinerator.

  • The incinerator is refractory lined and does not require any civil works at site. Even the forced draft fan and the incineration chambers need no civil works as these are mounted on a base frame.

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For General Waste Like

Paper Timber Refusing textures
Leather Rice grass Non eatable foods
Synthetic resin Rubber Tyres
Oil socked Cotton/
cloth waste

It can be used in Hotels, Embassies, Govt. Offices, Banks, Hostels

For Medical Waste Like

  • Animal waste: Animal tissues, organs, body parts, carcasses, bleeding parts, fluid, blood and experimental animals used in research, waste generated by veterinary hospitals collages, discharge from hospitals/animal houses.

  • Discarded medicines and cytologic drugs ( waste comprising of out dated, contaminated and discarded medicines ).

  • Solid waste: Items contaminated with blood, and body fluids including cotton, dressings, solid plasters casts, lines, bleeding, other material contaminated with blood.

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For General Waste Incinerators

Model Capacity Kg/hr Incinerator Area over Fire m3 Burning Capacity m2 Cyclone
Stack Floor Area
Chamber (HxWxL)
Chamber (wxh)
Height on ground (mm) (mm)
30-40 1010x1905x1430 920x930 0.56 1.26 820x2230 5580 320 4.7
50-60 1080x2165x1525 1000x940 0.95 1.62 920x2300 5650 360 5.18
80-100 1330x2130x1640 1000x1000 1.08 2.31 1016x2540 5890 390 5.99


For Medical Waste Incinerators

Model Capacity Incinerator Inlet gate Burning Area Burning Scale Temperature (°C ) Floor Area
  Kg/hr Net Height (mm) Cross Height (mm) WxL
m3 m2 1st incinerator 2nd incinerator WxL
40-50 1500 2600 750x850 1.79 2.30 800±50 1000±50 1350x3090
60-80 1630 2800 900x1000 2.54 3.81 800±50 1000+50 1510x3570
90-100 1770 3400 950x1000 3.98 5.11 800+50 1000+50 1990x4390
150-160 2000 3750 1100x1000 4.76 7.37 800±50 1000±50 2050x4700

Note: We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice.

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